The role of the Research Management Centre (RMC)  is to strengthen the research management system of the university by intensifying research and consultancy efforts. RMC aspires to be recognized as one of the leading centres for the production of new knowledge in the soft and hard infrastructure niche in Malaysia and eventually establish several excellence centres.

RMC is set up to inculcate a research culture among University staff and to oversee the research activities in University as well as a “one-stop” centre for all research information for the University. RMC is responsible to manage and facilitate research and development activities, intellectual property (IP) creation and management, promotion and exploitation of R&D findings through close collaboration with the government agencies, industries and other universities.


RMC Objective

●       To increase collaborative R&D efforts among public R&D agencies, private sector, and other international institution

●       To increase and diversify University source of research findings

●       To strengthen key research of strategic importance and multi-disciplinary research

●       To assist university with efficient support services related to knowledge management and research planning

●       To provide up-to-date information on funding sources and research grant procedures


RMC Mission and Vision 


•         To Deliver A High Quality Facility In Research Management In The Direction of Sustainable Development Goal.


•         Towards Excellence in Handling Research for Sustainable Development.


RMC Research area and expertise

•         Mechanical Engineering

•         Civil & Structural Engineering

•         Information Technology

•         Business, Management and Accounting

•         Language and Communication

•         Architecture and Built Environment

•         Applied Sciences


City University Malaysia researchers are committed to engage in collaborative research focused on cross-disciplinary themes with other local and international institution of higher learning. With solid leadership, experienced and dedicated staff, state-of-the-art facilities and our quality system, City University Malaysia is capable of providing professional and expert services in the above mentioned disciplines.